Edible Christmas Gifts

Oct 27, 2021

Give them a gift they can actually enjoy this Christmas - the gift of food.

Swap meaningless tat for tasty treats this Christmas. Seriously, has anyone ever used an ‘at home foot spa’ or worn a novelty tie - the ultimate in panic bought gifts? 

We aren’t saying don’t panic buy, on the contrary, we are saying panic buy something they’ll actually want, something delicious, indulgent and oh so divine. 

We’ve sourced the most mouthwatering of edible gifts, made with love, from some of the UK’s hardest working people: the small business owners, for you to give your loved ones this Christmas. 

So, without further ado:

Smith and Sinclair- £15. These crafters of alcoholic sweets have upped the ante with their gin gummi selection. Theirs is a simple premise: eat your drink. What’s not to love? P.s. word of warning: you can’t drive after you’ve had 5 of these....


Ohlala- £15.50. Make Christmas super special with Ohlala macarons. These scrumptious snowmen macarons or gorgeous gingerbread macarons are perfect for loved ones or corporate gifting. Regardless of whether the recipient has been naughty or nice, Ohlala have a little something to tantalise all taste buds.


Raw Halo- £18.99. Give the gift of moreish raw chocolate this Christmas. Raw Halo have created a chocolate bar that allows you to enjoy chocolate a healthier way. Their smooth and fruity peruvian raw cacao is sweetened with organic coconut sugar - ensuring each bar is glowing with goodness. In this delicately gold embossed Christmas themed gift box you will find 6 bars of award winning chocolate, all of which are organic, raw, vegan friendly, gluten free and containing no refined sugar. 


Borough boxes- £29.99. If you’re stuck for ideas for how to stuff someone’s stocking, why not just fill it with sumptuous snacks they can fill up on before lunch? And the best part? There are so many different variations of these delectable boxes, you can even create a bespoke box as individual as you. 


Funky Hamper- £32.95. Want to give flowers with chocolates? You can - Yankee Candle and Ivory Roses Chocolate Bouquet is a beautiful handmade bouquet combining a selection of Yankee Candles, festive favourites Ferrero Rocher chocolates and silk roses.


Thompson and Scott- £39.99. Brought up on no sugar diet, Amanda was horrified to discover there were more than just grapes and alcohol in her favourite tipple. Not wanting to miss out, she studied for a diploma in wine and created a company that produces top quality Champagne and Prosecco. This one, their Champagne extra brut rose, is vegan friendly and with only 6g of sugar per litre, it is an organic fizz that is the height of responsible drinking.


Craved- £59. As an admirer of martinis, it would be remiss of us to not include the epitome of martini making sets for the discerning drinker in your life. Shake it, stir it, dirty or dry, however they take it, this English dry martini set will satisfy all palates.