How to Host the Perfect Christmas Party

Oct 27, 2021

Martinis, Macarons and Merry … Is it too early to mention the C word?

It seems the festivities seem to start earlier and earlier each year, with the supermarkets stocking their shelves with yuletide treats when kids go back to school in September. Regardless, we can’t be the first to mention it, and we surely won’t be the last either.  

So, if you’re planning on entertaining over the forthcoming festive season, be it corporate entertaining for work colleagues or business partners, or if you’re simply throwing an incredibly glamorous shindig for friends and family, you’ll need our guide to how to host the perfect Christmas party. 

Food for thought - have you considered hosting a Martini and Macaron party?


Martini and Macaron Party

Everyone knows that martinis and macarons are the perfect pairing for a hen do, or a product launch (just check out all the wonderful brands we’ve collaborated with over the years). Now with our vegan macaron and martini workshop, there is literally nothing to stand in the way of your festive martini and macaron extravaganza.  We can even make the martinis virgin if alcohol isn’t your thing, seriously, we just want you to have the best time. But if you’re looking for inspiration for how to host the perfect Christmas party, look no further. 

How to host the perfect Christmas party

Is there any better time of year to throw a party than at Christmas? All those twinkling lights, the roaring fires, the carols playing softly in the background, Christmas truly is a magical time of year. But if you’re keen to make an impression with your Christmas party, there is no time like the present to start your planning. 

1. Plan early. Planning ahead is our first tip to ensuring your Christmas party goes off with a bang. Plus, if you want to spend the evening mingling with your guests rather than face first in the oven, then sort the minutiae now.  

●     Put together a schedule of what needs doing, rather like planning Christmas lunch, and start to chip away at it as soon as you can. 

●     If you’re serving canapes and cocktails, now is the time to plan your menu. Don’t forget, you might have vegans and vegetarians at your soiree, so cater for their needs too.

●     Have a rummage in the booze cupboard to see what cocktail ingredients you have, and which you need to pick up. 

●     For martini ideas, check out our All About Martinis blog.  


2. Light it up. What is more welcoming on a frosty Winter’s evening than a roaring log fire? If you don’t have a fireplace, worry not, you can always stream a log fire from YouTube (no, seriously), simply connect your laptop to the TV with an HDMI cable, or switch your smart TV over to the YouTube channel. And don’t forget the fairy lights. If you haven’t put your tree up yet, string fairy lights around the room instead and turn the overheads down low. If you have trees or bushes outside, adorn them too. Mood lighting - check! 


3. Greet your guests. If your planning has gone to, erm, plan, you should be available to greet guests at the front door as they arrive. Free your arms up by placing a table in the hallway with pre-poured drinks - champagne, martinis, mulled wine, or soft drinks will be perfect.  But if you don’t fancy spending the rest of the night elbow deep washing up thousands of glasses, you could always create little name tags for your wine glasses. Simply present your guests with an empty (named) wine glass on their arrival, so they know, when they put their wine glass down as we all inevitably do at a party, which one is theirs to pick back up again. 

4. Have fun with your food.  

You don’t have to stick to cocktail sausages and mini quiches when hosting a party. You can serve whatever and however you like.  

We personally love a spread packed full of sweet treats, with macarons as the centrepiece - if you do too, why not check out our adorably delicious macarons and pre-order some to wow your guests?

For a more savoury offering, dig out your festive biscuit cutters and cut your puff pastry cases into stars, angels and snowmen shapes, then fill with Christmas favourites such as camembert and cranberry filling, or smoked salmon.  

If you have a cheese board, have fun with it and arrange the cheeses in the shape of a tree, or a star. 

Don’t forget to decorate the food table with sprigs of holly, some poinsettia leaves or tendrils of ivy and paper chains, or make a festive centrepiece with a Christmas door wreath - place a large candle in the centre to transform it from a vertical to horizontal decoration. 


5. Remember to relax. 

Hosting can be stressful, but if you do your preparation in advance, it needn’t be - remember, this is supposed to be fun, so try and enjoy yourself.  

The point of a festive gathering is to be with the ones you hold dearest at this most special time of year, so embrace any kitchen disasters that may befall you, be ready to accept that some things will just go wrong, and enjoy a martini and a macaron, and have yourself a merry little Christmas.