How to Avoid Hen Party Disasters and Win at Life (with Macarons and Martinis!)

How to Avoid Hen Party Disasters and Win at Life (with Macarons and Martinis!)

Two women enjoying a Oh La La! Hen Party. Stylish Macaron Workshop

Hey there, all you hens and hen planners! Let's talk about the most important event before the wedding – the hen party! With great power comes great responsibility, and as we know, planning a hen party can be a daunting task. One wrong move and you'll have a flock of angry hens pecking at your heels.

Fear not, we have the ultimate solution to avoid a hen party disaster – a macaron and martini workshop! 🍸🍥


Stylish Hen Enjoying her Macaron Hen Party at 5 Kirby Street.

But first, let's have a (humorous) chat through some of the things that can go wrong on the day and some top tips to ensure that your bestie's best day is filled with joy and laughter. We promise you, with us you are in safe hands, after this you'll see our heavenly combo of sweet treats and delicious drinks is the answer to all your hen party prayers.

  1. The Uninvited Guest We've all heard the horror stories – an uninvited guest shows up and turns the party upside down. Maybe it's that one annoying cousin or a random ex-boyfriend. The key to avoiding this disaster is having a tight-knit guest list and a firm security detail (also known as your trusty bridesmaids).

  2. The Lost Bride-to-Be Nothing screams disaster quite like losing the bride-to-be during a night out on the town. Save your future selves the panic by sticking together like a well-oiled hen party machine. Forget the crazy bar hopping and opt for a cozy workshop instead, where everyone stays put and the bride-to-be remains in sight.

  3. The Disastrous Costume Hen parties often have a costume theme. However, sometimes these themes can go awry. To avoid the embarrassment of poorly thought-out costumes or a wardrobe malfunction, ditch the costumes and embrace the magic of macarons and martinis.

  4. The Ultimate Hangover A hangover is the bane of any hen party's existence. Keep the headache at bay by trading shots for sophisticated fruity martinis. You'll still enjoy the buzz, but you'll wake up feeling like a human being rather than a zombie apocalypse survivor. We also offer mock-tails, so the party can go on all night. 

Now that we've covered some common disasters, let's talk about the real hero of this story – the macaron and martini workshop.

Why a Macaron and Martini Workshop is the Answer:

  1. No more FOMO  - A macaron and martini workshop is perfect for hens of all ages and tastes. Whether you're the tea-sipping grandma or the cocktail-loving best friend, there's something for everyone. Plus, no one feels left out because everyone gets to participate in the fun!

  2. Learn a new skill - Who doesn't love learning something new? In this workshop, not only do you get to sip on some fancy martinis, but you also learn how to make delicate and delicious macarons! And let's be honest – nothing is more impressive than whipping up a batch of macarons for your next get-together.

  3. Bonding time  - There's something magical about creating (and eating) macarons and martinis together. It's the perfect opportunity for everyone to bond and make lasting memories. You'll be laughing, sipping, and baking your way into each other's hearts.

  4. The perfect balance  - Macarons and martinis are a match made in hen party heaven. The sweetness of the macarons perfectly complements the fruity cocktails you'll be shaking up, creating a delightful balance. 

There you have it, lovely! Avoid disaster and become the ultimate hen party planner by booking with Oh La La! 

Your hens will thank you, the bride-to-be will adore you, and you will have gorgeous memories to last you a life-time.  

To find out more check out our hen party page here

Two Women Enjoying a Stylish Hen Party and Cocktail Making Class at Oh La La!

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