How to Enjoy Dry January and Beyond

How to Enjoy Dry January and Beyond

Try Ohlala’s Non-Alcoholic Martini and Macaron Workshop!

Christmas is known as silly season for a reason. And there’s nothing we Brits love more than letting our hair down and have a jolly good knees up - which is why our martini and macaron parties are such a hit. But what if you don’t drink? Or if you’re adhering to Dry January? Or you’re planning a hen party for a pregnant friend? Well, worry no more. 

You may know about our vegan macarons in our macaron making workshops (we’re all about inclusivity, not exclusivity), but even more importantly (if you don’t drink) - we are thrilled to offer our non-alcoholic range of martinis (or any mocktails really) to suit your taste. 

But as much as we’d love to host you every weekend for mocktails and macarons, we suspect you might want to try something different. So how else can you enjoy yourself in dry January?

How to enjoy dry January

For some people ‘enjoy’ is probably a strong word when it comes to spending a month abstaining from alcohol, but it is possible to have fun without imbibing anything intoxicating! You may think you have to hide away like a hermit for the whole month or only socialise with people who are also not drinking, but that isn’t true (although you can do these things too). 

Check out our 8 suggestions to get through January dry, and who knows, maybe you’ll continue your new habit into the rest of 2020...


  1. Find places to socialise that don’t just serve alcohol.

    There are so many non-alcoholic bars in London thanks to the growing trend for non-alcoholic spirits, so going booze-free when you’re out and about has never been easier. Try:

    • Redemption (100% alcohol-free bars in Notting Hill, Shoreditch and Covent Garden) 

    • Brewdog AF (the AF designating the Old Street bar ‘alcohol free’, nothing rude!)

    • The American Bar at the Savoy - renowned for serving some of the best cocktails in the world, now counts 6 alcohol-free options among its numbers.


  2. Drink kombucha.

    Yes, it contains the tiniest amount of alcohol, but at <0.05% you’re not drinking really. And it contains a world of goodness that will give your gut, and your body, a much needed health boost. 


  3. The team behind London Cocktail Week are running a similar event, only they’ve called it DrinkUp London…

    and instead of punting cocktails, they’re giving away 2,000 vouchers for complementary alcohol-free drinks to be consumed in some of London’s top bars (think Social 24, Savage Garden and Zetter Townhouse for starters) throughout January. 


  4. Take the time to have a real conversation with people about the topics you genuinely care about.

    Listen to what they have to say and focus your attention on engagement and connecting, rather than the alcohol you’re not consuming. 


  5.  Become your own mocktail mixologist with non-alcoholic spirits.

    Join in events being held at Petersham Nurseries Covent Garden (January 21st and 28th) hosted by Seedlip.


  6. Remember that the first couple of weeks are the hardest.

    The first couple of weeks of anything new is tough - working out, starting a new job, having a baby. Everything is hard work until you get used to it. Treat yourself to a box of delicious vegan macarons to reward yourself.


  7. Don’t focus on what you’re missing out on as an adult, instead try some kidulting activities. 

    • Flip Out London E6 - London’s biggest trampoline park also features a giant super slide with a 30ft vertical drop, 12 themed climbing walls, a laser maze, a ninja warrior course and a soft play area (for actual kids). 

    • Go Ape London- if you haven’t swung through the trees (of Battersea Park) with the greatest of ease, then can you even call yourself a Londoner? Embrace your inner child (or ape), strap on a harness and experience London at treetop level. 

    • Crystal Maze Live West End - who can forget the iconic television show of the 90s led by the eccentric Richard O’Brien. The Crystal Maze LIVE experience is closing at the end of January in Angel (but relocating to the West End), so there’s still time to start the fans…

    • Sleepover at the Natural History Museum, South Kensington - wondering what to do with yourself of an evening? Head over to the NHM and give your inner kid the best night of their life at one of the DinoSnores overnight parties.


  8. Play some board games.

    No, you don’t have to stay at home to do this, in fact, head on down to London’s original board game cafe, Draughts, and play one of over 800 board games they have on offer. Hungry Hippos anyone?



Don’t beat yourself up if you do slip up and have a quick snifter. You’re only human after all and a slight hiccup won’t put paid to all your hardwork - figure out what caused you to break your dry vow and try and avoid the temptation for the rest of the month. 

Quitting anything is all about trying to break the habit, and the more you try, the easier it will become. Relapsing is common, it doesn’t make you a failure. 

C’mon, you’ve got this!

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