How to reward your employees by celebrating the smaller wins!

How to reward your employees by celebrating the smaller wins!

Who says celebrations are just for Christmas and birthdays? We at Oh La La! believe in creating Milestone Memories - celebrating your department or company’s smaller (but no less important) wins throughout the year.

The milestones could be anything. Winning a great new client. Promotions. A job well done. Hitting the quarterly (or even monthly) targets. For inspiration, see how the amazing Joss Search uses our macarons to celebrate new starting employees, as well smaller wins throughout the year! 

However you choose to celebrate your employees, we guarantee they’re going to love the recognition.

Why celebrate the small wins?

Because small wins count for a lot. They compound and push business forward.

And employees deserve to be recognised for their contributions to that. 

It’s well known that recognition of a job well done is a great motivator for employees. And giving gifts or marking it in some way does so much more than what a pat on the back ever could.

How to celebrate

You could throw a party but we would recommend saving these for just a couple of times a year. They can be overbearing and repetitive if thrown too many times.

Personally we think a gift can go a long way, especially if it’s a gift that can be enjoyed as a team.

A box of macarons with a personalised message could be just the ticket. We work with many companies for their gifts, and not just at Christmas. How much would your departments appreciate a gorgeous box of expertly made macarons with fantastic flavours? How about vegan and gluten-free macarons and brownies? Throw in a box of premium tea and that company breakroom is about to get very popular indeed.

Other gifting ideas

Whilst we will always go for macarons first, there are plenty of other gifts that work well too:

  • You could send a few bottles of organic or natural wine (environmentally friendly and taste great).
  • Specialty coffee always goes down a treat.
  • Plants are a great gift - and boost wellbeing too!
  • A small picture or painting for the desk can be a lovely gift.

And of course, when you simply must throw a party, we’re here for you with our macaron and martini workshops and company events, all from our fantastic new Farringdon event space.

We love celebrating small wins at Oh La La!

And we think your company will too. Let us do the heavy lifting - get in touch to talk to us about company gifts. We’d love to hear from you.

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