Microwedding Magic: The Intimate Trend Taking Over 2024

Microwedding Magic: The Intimate Trend Taking Over 2024

2024 is undeniably the year of the wedding. With over half a million celebrations queued up, the UK is witnessing an unprecedented surge in nuptials and a compelling trend is shaping the way couples celebrate their love – the resurgence of intimate weddings. Couples are opting for smaller, carefully curated celebrations that allow for deeper connections with their closest circles. Our social feeds are awash with bridal bliss, showing glimpses of these thoughtfully crafted and emotionally rich ceremonies. Influenced by a desire for more personalised and meaningful experiences, micro weddings are taking centre stage. Here are some of our favourite trends that help add personality to your most memorable day!

Personalisation Perfection

The past year has seen a creative explosion in the wedding scene. Designers like Kate Halfpenny are embedding secret messages and dates into the very fabric of the bridal gown, offering a deeply personal touch that resonates with the intimate nature of microweddings. This year, actress Ophelia Lovibond revealed a hidden embroidered bluebell to her husband, a sweet homage to their engagement, exemplifying this trend for personal, meaningful details.

Bride in a birdcage veil

Elegant Attire Alternatives

Gone are the days of the one-size-fits-all bridal look. 2024's brides are embracing bold choices like birdcage veils, offering a chic alternative to traditional veils. This trend towards personalisation extends to bridesmaids' attire as well, with many opting for a spectrum of colours rather than uniform dresses, adding a vibrant, joyful touch to the ceremony.

Food and Drink: The Taste of 2024

As with fashion, the food and drink at weddings are taking a turn towards personalisation and elegance. Couples are choosing bespoke cocktails and curated menus that reflect their journey together. Small, elevated cake designs are replacing traditional large tiers, and gourmet macarons are becoming a favourite for the reception, offering a taste of luxury for every guest.

Gold Macarons at Oh La La! Macarons

For those seeking this exquisite addition to their wedding dessert selection, Oh La La! Macarons has become a go-to destination. We have a tempting array of flavours and designs, aligning perfectly with the prevailing trend of elevating wedding desserts to an art form. Our Champagne Gold collection features sleek designs with gold embellishes and sophisticated flavours of madagascar vanilla, salted caramel, and peach bellini.

Embellished Macarons at Oh La La! Macarons

For something even more decadent, we offer a limited edition Embellished Jewel collection adorned with gold sugar sequins and 24k gold leaf - fit for a bride looking for her day to be extra special. These Faberge egg inspired works of art come in two unique flavours, and like all precious eggs they have a surprise in the centre: madagascan vanilla with a passionfruit curd centre and dark chocolate ganache with a pistachio centre. Indulge in these regal delights that are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your special day!

Maximalist Garden Wedding Party

Garden-Inspired Maximalism

Wedding planner Catherine Bradfield notes an uptick in maximalist designs inspired by whimsical gardens. Couples are opting for tables nestled among wildflowers and uncut grasses, with layered textures and materials creating a feast for the eyes. This trend towards nature-inspired abundance suits the smaller scale of micro weddings perfectly, allowing for lavish detail without overwhelming the intimate setting.

Revival of the Classics: Pearls and Bows

Contemporary takes on classic elements like pearls and bows are making a significant comeback. Designers are reimagining these traditional details in modern ways, from pearl-encrusted dresses to bows adorning everything but the gown. These touches add a timeless elegance to the modern microwedding.

Bridesmaids laughing while posing for a wedding photo

Minidresses and Single Flower Bouquets

2024 sees the rise of the bridal minidress, paired with sheer overskirts or long veils for a dramatic yet playful look. In tandem, fashion-forward brides are opting for single-flower bouquets, a minimalist choice that ensures all eyes remain on the bride and her unique dress.

Hen Parties at Oh La La! Macarons

Hen Party Chic: Macaron and Martini Workshops

In the spirit of elegant, personalised celebrations, the traditional hen party is getting a stylish makeover. Central London now offers exclusive Macaron and Martini workshops, perfect for groups of 10 - 30. These workshops offer a sophisticated alternative to the usual festivities, providing a hands-on, fun experience where you can create and enjoy your delicacies and cocktails. And the best part? Everything can be personalised to suit the bride's tastes, making it a truly unique pre-wedding celebration.

Looking Ahead

As we move into 2024, the microwedding trend continues to grow, reflecting couples' desires for intimate, personalised, and meaningful celebrations. With the creativity and individuality at the heart of these trends, each wedding becomes a unique reflection of the couple, promising a year of unforgettable celebrations.

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