Who doesn’t love an immersive fragrance experience, a bespoke afternoon tea and a Marc Jacobs Daisy inspired macaron workshop!

Who doesn’t love an immersive fragrance experience, a bespoke afternoon tea and a Marc Jacobs Daisy inspired macaron workshop!

Galentine’s Day may have started out as a fictitious non-holiday by the rambunctious Ms Lesley Knope, but it's a day that has fast made its way into our calendars, and more importantly our hearts… 

So what better way to honour our friendships and sisterhood this Galentine’s, than to celebrate with a collaboration between Daisy Marc Jacobs fragrances and Ohlala Macarons?

On the 6th February, luxury beauty company ‘Coty’ hosted a bespoke afternoon tea for the launch of Marc Jacobs’ new perfume ‘Daze’. Thirty influencers and journalists were invited to celebrate ‘Galentine’s’ Day with Daisy Marc Jacobs fragrances at the rooftop oasis, Treehouse Hotel, London.

Keen to give their guests the ultimate afternoon tea experience, Coty approached Ohlala with the vision of a workshop where guests could adorn macaron shells with super cute edible daisies and decorative icing.

We loved the idea of including a fun and engaging macaron decorating workshop and tailored every element of the Ohlala experience to create the MJ Daisy Dream!

Granting Coty’s every wish, Ohlala provided their gorgeous guests the opportunity to partake in various workshop activities with the aim of crafting their very own MJ Daisy macaron masterpieces.

Choosing from a selection of macaron shells in pretty pastel shades, the influencers beautified their Galentine’s treats with bespoke-made edible flowers, royal icing and even tried their hands at piping tiny intricate buttercream daisies.

To ensure the whole afternoon tea experience was super memorable for all guests, Ohlala were asked to create a special Marc Jacobs Daisy macaron for guests to take away and gift to their lucky ‘Galentine’.

Our talented pâtissiers whipped up the most adorable macaron and invented a charmingly irresistible filling to match the flavour notes in the latest Marc Jacobs perfume ‘Daze’ - scrumptious white raspberry!

“Who doesn’t love an immersive Marc Jacobs fragrance experience, a bespoke afternoon tea and a Daisy inspired macaron workshop!”
We can create truly unique macarons, both vegan and non-vegan, with almost every aspect of the macarons, including the packaging, bespoke to your brand…

Just check out our collabs with Alexander McQueen, McLaren, Tom Ford, Vivienne Westwood and Manolo Blahnik to name but a few - you’ll be in great company!

Needless to say, if you’re organising a corporate event for your team or clients, an Ohlala macaron workshop experience is the perfect backdrop for team building and networking!

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