Our Story

Here at Oh La La! we bake bespoke macarons that surprise, delight and stretch far beyond your wildest dreams.

Female-Owned, Empowered & Award-Winning

Oh La La! Macarons was founded in 2013 by creative entrepreneur Meredith O’Shaughnessy in the heart of Bloomsbury London, where she decided to launch a company baking macarons using only the highest-quality ingredients with unmatched attention to detail and creativity.

Initially, Oh La La! Macarons were only available in private workshops and martini-inspired hen parties, but word got out and demand flourished.

Oh La La! Macarons became available for private clients, including Vivienne Westwood Couture and Lulu Guiness. Meredith was even commissioned to fly to NYC to personally bake macarons for Manolo Bhanik’s first ever cat-walk show. Critics raved, and Oh La La! was soon made available online to the public.

“Meredith O’Shaughnessy has a spatula & isn’t afraid to use it.”

The Wall Street Journal

Creativity, Art & Fashion

Inspired by the world of Meredith Collective, Oh Lal La!’s chefs and designers handcraft each macaron with the finest ingredients, never adding flour or stabilizers, ensuring naturally delicious, gluten-free works of art.

Socially Conscious

We’re also very mindful of our impact on the environment with low to zero food waste, and recycled and recyclable packaging. We’re working toward being plastic free.

Please Join Us In Creating And Sharing Beautiful Experiences With Oh La La! Macarons.

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