5 top Halloween trends of 2022

5 top Halloween trends of 2022

When it comes to the nation’s favourite holiday, Halloween now falls just behind Christmas.

We can see why - we love Halloween (and All Saints’ Day) at Oh La La Macarons. It’s an excuse to dress up, eat seasonal treats and let our hair down. 

We’ve scoured the internet for the best Halloween trends of 2022, collating our top five into this handy list.

Which ones are you going to get involved in this year?

Trend no. 1 The Black Widow Margarita

This cocktail takes Halloween themed cocktails to a new level. The brainchild of top San Francisco mixologist Duggan McDonnell, the Black Widow Margarita is all about seasonal blackberry fruit muddled with tequila, refreshing lime and basil.

Here’s how you make it:

Makes one margarita

2 basil leaves

3 blackberries

1.5 oz tequila

1oz lime juice

1 teaspoon agave nectar (optional)


Create a salt rim on your margarita glasses by rubbing them with lime juice and pressing into salt.

Muddle the blackberries and basil leaves in the bottom of a shaker.

Add the tequila, lime juice and optional agave nectar. Add ice and shake until chilled.

Strain into the rimmed glasses.

Your Halloween party just upped a level.


Trend no. 2 Sophisticated Halloween sweets

We all love the usual Halloween sweets - I mean, who wouldn’t want to go to town on a box of fun-size chocolate bars?

But this year, the trend leans towards sophisticated treats.

Enter macarons.

Although we might not suggest using our macarons as trick or treat candy, they would make the perfect finish to a Halloween dinner party or gathering. Choose from a box set of our cute little ghosts, pumpkins and mummies or this year’s new addition - sugar skulls (a traditional sweet of Mexico around Halloween). Each macaron is made with the very best ingredients to make the flavours pop and is hand-decorated by our skilled bakers in London.


Trend no. 3 Watching vintage Halloween films

There have been countless re-makes and new horror films made in the last few years, but the trend this year is to go back to the old-school with some vintage flicks.

The most searched for Halloween film in 2022 is Halloween, the 1978 slasher film starring the now iconic character of Michael Myers. The Shining is another big contender.

Grab some friends or family, some macarons (of course), turn the lights down and get prepared to be scared, old-school-style.


Trend no. 4 Halloween charcuterie boards

Charcuterie boards - the now catchall name for large, visually-appealling platters of snacks (not just charcuterie meats) - have been taking the world by storm in the last few years. They’re perfect for parties and gatherings - Halloween being no exception.

The best Halloween charcuterie boards are filled with seasonal treats including:

Roasted pumpkin seeds

Canapes with mashed roasted squash topped with parmesan

Kale chips

Marinated mushrooms

Green cheeses

Roasted beetroot and goats cheese on bread

Halloween themed macarons (of course)

Spiced poached pears cut into slices

Get creative and create your own board for your Halloween party.


Trend no. 5 “Stranger Things” themed costumes

Stranger Things continues to dominate Halloween costumes as it has done for the last few years, coming in fourth in popularity on Google listings.

Perhaps it’s time for you to get in on the Stranger Things action.

You could don a pink dress and blonde wig and go as Eleven from series one.

Or you could buy yourself a Hellfire Club t-shirt and dress up as Dustin, Will, Mike or Lucas.

Cheerleader outfit? Now you’re Chrissie from the latest series. Even a sailor’s outfit could turn you into Robyn or Steve.

The Demogorgon’s got no chance against you.




Whatever you get up to this Halloween, have a good one. As for us, we’ll be holed up at Oh La La HQ doing what we do best - making macarons, eating macarons and having a ton of fun whilst doing it.


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