How to get organised for Christmas without losing your mind

How to get organised for Christmas without losing your mind

We know we know, Christmas seems like a long way off right now. 

But we all know how quickly the final few months of the year can fly by. Before you know it, you’re up to your ears in last-minute gifts, trying to organise Christmas themed events with friends and family and generally wishing you’d gotten started on it all sooner.

 Well, this is your year to do exactly that. Welcome to the Oh La La! Macarons guide to organising the Christmas like a boss. No stress required and you can start today.

Red and Pink Christmas tablescape


Get your Christmas events in the diary now

Calendars fill up quick as December rolls around and the best event spaces tend to get snapped up before Halloween has even hit.

 If you’re planning a corporate Christmas event, looking for something to do with friends to celebrate the festive season, or just want to organise something different, September is the time to get those dates in the diary.

 Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

 Oh La La Kitchen Studios is our brand spanking new event space in the heart of Farringdon, London.

 It’s bright. It’s light. It’s fully licensed and has a fantastic kitchen to boot. It holds up to 30 people for parties, dinners, events, launches and yes, Christmas dos.

 And because it’s a brand new space, we still have dates available for Christmas 2022.

 You’re welcome.


Think of gifts that won't just be thrown away

Thinking up the right Christmas gift for your loved ones takes time, but too often we leave it until the last minute to make any meaningful purchases.

Our tip? Buy something that they can enjoy but won't clutter up their home. Delicious treats or a gorgeous bottle of champagne is a real joy to share.  

Not only is this easier on the planet but also means they can share their gift with friends and family too. 

That’s a win-win in our book.


Consider a new way of buying Christmas gifts

Have you ever considered buying everyone the same gift? Some people swear by this method. One year they might gift plants. Another, it’ll be books. Might we recommend delightfully packaged boxes of macarons for 2022?!

This gift buying method still keeps presents personal (in terms of macarons, you can choose different flavours depending on the recipient’s tastes) but takes out a LOT of the stress from deciding what to buy everyone individually.

This could be the best buying decision you’ve made all year.

Hosting the holidays? Set expectations today

When it comes to hosting Christmas, one of the biggest stresses is managing all your guests’ expectations. Your mum might be expecting a traditional turkey whereas your younger sibling might want something more experimental. You might want to eat your way through say…macarons…for pudding (hey, why not) when someone else might be expecting a Christmas pudding.

Set expectations now. Let people know what you’ll be cooking, what they can do to help and if they have any objections, to let you know now.

By the time the 25th December comes around, any big problems will have been sorted well in advance and you can get on with actually enjoying yourself.

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