8 Fabulous Vegan Hen Party Ideas

8 Fabulous Vegan Hen Party Ideas

If you’ve been tasked with planning a vegan hen do or you need ideas to accommodate vegans at your hen party, it’s never been so easy…  

The increasing popularity of the vegan hen has meant previously non-vegan venues have upped their game to cater for vegans.

So if you thought an activity or event was off limits, think again. 

Organising A Vegan Hen

Here’s the great thing about organising a vegan hen, with a little care and consideration, you can do the majority of activities that you would ordinarily partake in on a regular hen do, and still adhere to your principles.  

●      You can still Google the beautiful bottoms of the Butlers in the Buff (what’s more natural than a finely toned set of buns?)

●      You can still learn to burlesque dance. 

●      You can still enjoy macarons and martinis. 

●      You can still take a nude drawing class.

●      And those (vegan) plasticine willies aren’t going to craft themselves…


The Vegan Details…

You’ve planned the guest list, you’ve booked accommodation for the weekend, now all that’s left to do is figure out how to have the best vegan fun with your best girls.  

Etsy caters specifically for vegan hen parties and has dedicated a section of their site to all the essentials the discerning vegan hen might require for her special weekend… From vegan novelty shaped soaps (to be placed in all the bathrooms), to personalised vegan gifts for hen do participants - you’ll find a lot of vegan fillers on here.  

Don’t forget the booze (obviously you won’t forget the booze, this is a hen do, booze is written into the rules). What we mean is, don’t forget the booze needs to be vegan. And as luck would have it, there is a wealth of vegan alcohol available, and you wouldn’t know the difference.  

But isn’t all alcohol vegan?  Well, no.  

Fun fact - wine is typically fined (the process that removes any impurities from the liquid) with egg whites or in some cases, the rather unsavoury delight… fish bladders. But luckily there are plenty of vegan wines for you to choose from.  

But what vegan-friendly activities can you do for a vegan hen? Lots is the answer. And while the list is endless, here are a few of our favourites…

Vegan-friendly Hen Activities

1. Escape room 

This incredibly popular activity will have your girly gang brainstorming clues and figuring out how to escape to get to the alcohol. If you’re up for a challenge, this race against the clock, riddle solving activity will set you up for the rest of the weekend.  

2. Detox yoga and brunch 

Who wouldn’t want to start their hen do with a relaxing yoga session followed by a plant based brunch? Detox before you retox - namaste ladies.  

3. Burlesque dancing 

Learn a sexy dance routine you can all perform at the wedding, imbibe a glass or three of vegan fizz while shaking your tail feather and practicing your pout. Lady Marmalade was clearly onto something… 

4. Nude life-drawing 

You can get the model to come to your gaff, or you go to their studio, either way, this fun hen party activity is the perfect entertainment for all your gang, the creative and non-creative alike. Plus you get to choose your model… Who wouldn’t want to spend a few hours staring at/drawing the fine form of a hunky chap? And it isn’t perving because you need to keep checking to make sure you’ve got the proportions just right.  

5. Make your own headwear 

Not sure what headpiece you want to wear to the wedding? Why not make your ownduring the hen party? From Great Gatsby inspired headbands to full on fresh flower or fabric crowns, you could even make your own fascinator.  

6. Vintage afternoon tea 

There isn’t a more hen party activity than afternoon tea with vegan champagne (and no, you don’t have to look far, Moët & Chandon have confirmed that all of their champagnes are vegan friendly), vegan sandwiches and little vegan cakes. Indulge on pretty little dishes arranged in a stylish way, designed to fill tummies and see you through the late afternoon slump, revving your energy levels for the Big Night Out.  

7. Spa afternoon 

Relaxing with your girlies in a spa, could there be anything more luxurious or hen-do appropriate? The Spa in Dolphin Square uses the vegan products line, Spa Ritual, so chill out knowing you aren’t just doing good for your body, you’re doing good for the planet too.  

8. Martini and Macaron making workshops 

Ohlala have perfected the ultimate hen do activity, and then made it available to everyone. Yes, our renowned Macaron and Martini workshops for hen dos are now vegan-friendly! This plant based fun and tasty activity is guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face, and with unlimited martinis and vegan macarons, no one will leave hungry or thirsty, just happy.  

Finally, if you love our vegan macarons as much as we do, why not consider having them at the wedding? They make wonderful wedding favours, or they can brighten up any dessert table, or even better, why not have a tiered wedding cake made entirely of vegan macarons? The opportunities are endless.  

Have a happy (vegan) hen!

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