Celebrating Ohlala's macaron magic in one of the most inspiring kitchens in London!

Celebrating Ohlala's macaron magic in one of the most inspiring kitchens in London!

What happens when you pair Ohlala with the KitchenAid Experience store and host a workshop for Foodie Bloggers and Journalists?… 

You get a masterclass in macaron decorating and a crash course in cocktail mixology, held in one of the most inspiring kitchens in London.  

We partnered with the KitchenAid Experience store in central London to host a macaron making workshop for Foodie Bloggers and Journalists - because what is the point in making the most incredible, edible, attractive sweet treats, if we can’t show them off occasionally? 

With the launch of our newly launched vegan masterclasses and KitchenAid’s 100th year anniversary, it seemed the perfect time to celebrate… and with twice the bang!

Our vegan workshops are completely plant-based, giving vegan macaron fans the chance to prepare their favourite delicacies and fill them with mouth-watering vegan-friendly flavours. The irresistible range includes vegan chocolate & honey, rosewater & lychee and instagram favourite avocado.

Alongside discovering our best kept baking secrets, our guests learnt how to shake-up twists on classic cocktails using organic spirits, natural botanicals and pretty edible flowers. Manned by the very best mixologists and macaron masters, our workshop offered an unforgettable experience that pairs fun with sassy indulgent foodie decadence.

Perfect for pop-ups, brand activations, even corporate entertaining. At an Ohlala workshop you don’t just watch and learn while someone else makes these sumptuous little treats, every Ohlala workshop is a guaranteed hands on, interactive experience designed to break any ice and introduce food lovers, budding bakers and wannabe chefs to the stylishly delicious world of Ohlala macarons.  

And our macarons are naturally gluten free, incredibly irresistible and available for vegans too. (Meet our Macarons and see if we can tempt your tastebuds…)  At an Ohlala macaron workshop you roll up your sleeves, don an apron and get creative. And while the macaron magic is underway, you are treated to a fabulous array of martinis and cocktails, mixed for you by our magnificent mixologists. 

So give us your corporate challenge - we can brand your macarons, give you our most popular flavours (or let you create your own) and package everything up in our customisable macaron packaging, guaranteed to get everyone talking about you. 

Need more inspo? Check out of most recent corporate macaron orders...  

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