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Bliss Energy Balls & Botanical Cocktails: The Team-building Event that Caters to Everyone

Bliss Energy Balls & Botanical Cocktails: The Team-building Event that Caters to Everyone

Are your co-workers starting to lose focus at the office? It might be time to treat them all to a special team-building outing...



Why Creative Workshops Are Great For Business

One of the best ways to boost morale at the workplace is to take everyone out of the office for a bit so they can enjoy team-bonding experiences and creative workshops. 

Not only does having fun together help break the ice and encourage better working relationships, but it lets everyone blow off some steam so they return to the office re-invigorated. Everyone needs a little break sometimes, and team-building outings have been shown to improve productivity and motivation in the workplace.


How to Choose the Perfect Activity for Your Team

The problem with many team-building exercises is that one size doesn’t fit all. An outing to an animal farm in the country might excite some of your team, but you can guarantee Karen from marketing would rather be indoors with a latte. And does anyone really want to sit through their boss murdering ABBA on a karaoke night? 

It’s important to consider each and every member of your team when choosing an activity. No one should feel excluded from the fun - and FUN is the most important word to remember. Yes, an event should be about team-building and motivating each other, but the best way for that to happen is for it to be enjoyable!

Luckily for you, we’ve got just the activity that’s guaranteed to get everyone excited.

Oh La La Creative Energy Ball and Botanical Cocktail Workshop

At Oh La La, we’re all about pleasure and bringing people together. As part of Macaron and Martini workshop series, may we introduce the Creative Energy Ball and Botanical Cocktail Workshop. It’s the perfect blend of activities for people who love their food and/or drink (isn’t that all of us?!) - with health food and cocktail-making tips all rolled into one.

For those who have a passion for health food and treating their body like a temple, indulge guilt-free and learn how to make your own Energy Balls - the clean-eating trend that’s here to stay.

And for those who love a tipple, learn how to create delicious and elegant cocktails using fresh botanicals and quality spirits.

The beauty of this special workshop is that it offers something for everyone, whether they’re a gym bunny or pleasure-seeker - or both! The session is 2 hours and 20 minutes long, and is available in two price ranges, depending on your budget.

Inspire your office with an activity that everyone can get on board with. Contact us today to book your own session, enquire now!

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