Bloody Good Period

Tampon macarons? Yes, you heard us right...

Tampon macarons? Yes, you heard us right...
Tampon Macaron


Here at Ohlala, we’re excited to announce our new partnership with the lovely people over at Bloody Good Period, the company that’s all about bringing menstrual supplies to asylum seekers, refugees and disadvantaged women.

Life is difficult enough for these women, without the added stress of dealing with a monthly period - something we women can all relate to. Menstrual supplies are essential for all women of child-bearing age, but they are another expense that many simply cannot afford.

For Women, By Women

Periods are a natural part of every woman’s life, but we all know they can be a nuisance to deal with at the best of times. For those women who are struggling to make ends meet, the monthly stress of trying to afford sanitary products is just another thing to worry about.

We’ve been busy working closely with Bloody Good Period to develop our Limited Edition Tampon Macaron, to raise awareness for this issue that’s very close to our hearts.

We have crafted a bespoke macaron that both looks the part and tastes divine. Each macaron has a delicate white almond shell and is filled with fresh vanilla, raspberry or rose buttercream, completed with a fun blue raspberry ‘string’. Each box of eight macarons contains two blood red macarons.

£10 from every box you buy goes to our friends at Bloody Good Period, which provides a monthly supply of sanitary products for women who need it the most.

Single Tampon Macaron for Charity Blood Good Period.jpg

How Small Businesses Can Be Charitable


As a business, your reach is far beyond that of the individual when it comes to being charitable.

Philanthropy is something we should all be involved in if we can; but it can also be good for business. Every bit of money you raise or awareness you generate is a help for a non-profit organisation, and will help build your company’s culture at the same time.

Here are four easy and fun ways to give back as a small business:

1 - Make A Donation

Big or small, any donation can make a difference to your charity. Do a sweep-around at the office simply writing a cheque to charity can do the world of good in a short space of time.

2 - Be A Sponsor

As a business, you can sponsor a charitable event such as a marathon or sports tournament. These events encourage donations and establish your name alongside your favourite charity at the same time - everyone wins!

3 - Offer Your Products

Create a fresh bunch of products in line with your chosen charity’s values. This could be as simple as adorning hats with the charity’s logo and selling them to your customers, or creating a limited edition version of an existing product.

4 - Donate Your Time

Charities rely on volunteers to get a lot of their good work done. Raise awareness and generate cash getting involved in a cake sale or fun run. Donate your time and energy to a charity you care about and you’ll get so much back - professionally and personally.

We’re thrilled to be working alongside Bloody Good Period. To do your bit for the cause, treat yourself to a box of our delicious tampon macarons today.

Tampon Macarons for Bloody Good Period

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