Did Somebody Say Hen Party? How to Plan the Perfect Day!

Did Somebody Say Hen Party? How to Plan the Perfect Day!

Planning a hen party can be a pretty special experience, but it can also be uber stressful. Particularly if you’ve never planned any form of event before. After all, your job is to make sure the lead up to the bride’s day goes as smoothly as possible (no pressure!)

But have no fear, Ohlala! is here! And we’ve got you covered with our step-by-step guide to planning the perfect day for the bride-to-be and her merry hens…


1.)    Get the bride’s do’s and don’ts

First things first, you need to get some crucial details from the bride. What’s her idea of an absolute nightmare? I.e., if she doesn’t like getting her hair wet, a trip to a busy water park probably isn’t your best bet. Equally if she likes a bit of adventure, a trip to the local art gallery probably won’t cut it either.

Is there anywhere in particular she wants to go? Does she want an overnight trip? Who does she want to be there? Make sure you know her likes and dislikes and go from there.


2.)    Create an invite list and save the date!

Here’s another one you’ll want to run past the bride. There’s nothing worse than missing someone vital from the list, or even worse, inviting her vice nemesis. Work out where everyone knows each other from, who’s met and who hasn’t, so you can make the day as comfortable as possible. It might even be a good idea to split the day into two parts – a relaxed day for older family members, and a boozy night out for the party girls.

Choose a date at least a couple of weeks before the wedding and make it a day that as many as possible can attend. Plan well in advance so you can maximise numbers and make sure all the important people can be there. Simple!


3.)    Set up a Facebook Group or WhatsApp Group Chat

I know what you’re thinking…not the dreaded group chat! But communication is key. And having one set place for everything hen party related means you can scroll back and forth and make sure you don’t miss anything. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to get to know everybody before the big event.


4.)    Spend the budget on the right things

It can be easy to get carried away spending money on all sorts of unnecessary items, so make sure you put funds into what really matters. It’s worth paying extra for a gorgeous personalised experience that will be truly memorable, rather than splashing the cash on the not so memorable items that you might even forget to use on the day.


5.)    Decide on a location/accommodation

Once you’ve got an idea of budget and numbers, it’s time to start thinking about possible locations and accommodation options if you’re making a night of it. Check out reviews and make sure what you want to do is nearby with nothing too far out of reach. The bride might not be thanking you if it’s a half hour walk in heels to your bar of choice!

6.)  Plan those all-important activities

Now comes the fun part – planning the activities! Before you go full steam ahead, have a look at the guest list. Is anyone pregnant or have any other considerations? And go back to your list of do’s and don’ts. How can you surprise her (in a good way)?

For a truly bespoke experience, think about where the couple met or what they enjoy doing together. E.g., if they got engaged in Paris, can you create a French themed day? If she loves festivals, can you find a fun way to incorporate that into the event?

Looking for an experience that caters to everyone’s taste? Here at Ohlala! we’ve mastered the art of hosting the perfect day for your fabulous best friend with our renowned Macaron & Martin Hen Experience. Find out more here.

And remember, activities are fun, but there is such a thing as too much organised fun. Make sure you leave plenty of time to have a bit of a chill so you can avoid bridal burnout.


7.) Don’t forget the extra details

It’s all about the details… which are easy to forget about when you’ve got such a mammoth event to plan with all sorts of moving parts. But it’s those little extra touches that make all the difference and add to the memory bank.

Think personalised hen party bags, speciality cocktail toppers, branded coconuts, or macarons with the happy couple’s photo on. There’s all sorts of quirky and thoughtful things you can do, so get creative and rope in the bride tribe too.


8.)    Most importantly, have fun!

And remember, happy bride, happy tribe!

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