Elevate your client gifts to instagrammable levels

Elevate your client gifts to instagrammable levels

Let’s face it. The standard client gifts of wine, chocolates and hampers are nice, but they’re a bit “been there, done that.” 

That’s where we, as your friendly one-stop-macaron-shop, come in.

How about macarons in your brand’s pantone colours? Macarons with your logo? Macarons in novelty shapes? Macarons with printed QR codes on the top to send your clients to, well, wherever you want to send them on the internet? Macarons wrapped up in gorgeous packaging (branded, of course)?

No one is going to Instagram a gift hamper. But they will definitely want to Instagram colour-popping macarons.


Our macarons, your logo

Let’s start with the basics.

We work with companies across the UK to stamp their logo onto our delectable macarons.

How would your clients like a bespoke flavoured box of macarons, handmade by our talented bakers in our London kitchen and each featuring your logo on top? It’s a bold statement that no client would forget.

We work with you to design the perfect macaron, from the flavour (anything is possible) to the colour (we’re pantone-ready) to that all important logo. For those of you who want to go the extra personalised mile, we can even brand the boxes.

Bespoke gifting never looked so great - or tasted so delicious.

Novelty shaped macarons, anyone?

Tampon shaped macarons might not be suitable for every company, but they definitely were for the charity Bloody Good Period who we collaborated with this to create these uniquely shaped macarons.

The point is - we can make macarons in almost any shape you can think of. Tampons, unicorns, skulls, avocados, sandwiches, we’ve done them all.

If this sounds like your bag, give us a shout. You’re guaranteed to have your macarons turn up all over Instagram.


QR codes are cool

Especially when they come on top of a macaron.

Think about it. Send your clients a QR coded macaron which leads them straight to your little corner of the internet. Or use them as party favours at your customer Christmas events. How about giving one to each of your employees that sends them to a personalised message or online gift?

A box of generic chocolates this is not. 



How about them coconuts… branded coconuts that is!

Our sister company Branded Coconuts is all about your logo on food.

Let’s start with coconuts. Order as many as you like, we’ll brand your logo or chosen words on the side and deliver them straight to your door right in time for your next event.

And why stop there? We’ve also been known to brand a lemon and lime peel or two - cocktails never looked so good!

Sound good?

Then get in touch! Tell us what you’re looking for and a member of our team will be happy to help elevate your Christmas gifts to those all important Instagrammable levels.

All you have to do is sit back and wait to be talked about all over the ‘gram.

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