Everything You Need To Know To Plan The Perfect Micro-wedding

Everything You Need To Know To Plan The Perfect Micro-wedding

Just because it’s micro doesn’t mean you can’t have your big day. That’s why we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know to plan the perfect micro-wedding of your dreams. Champagne anyone?


What is a micro wedding?

To put it simply, a micro-wedding is just a smaller version of a traditional wedding. Think dream dress, stylish venue, flowers, and cake, but without a hundred guests vying for your attention. Sounds ideal right?

It’s the perfect compromise between a run-away elopement and a large wedding with all the trimmings (and price tag to match!) Not only do micro-weddings put the focus on the bride and groom, but they also allow you to celebrate with a tight-knit group of awesome people who are closest to you. Not forgetting, they’re totally covid friendly, and likely to remain as a huge trend throughout 2021 and beyond.  

So, how do you plan the perfect micro-wedding?


Say goodbye to that awkward guestlist

Great-Aunt Carol twice removed (who you haven’t seen since the day you were born), it’s time to go. And whilst you’ll have to be pretty cut-throat with the guest-list with only your nearest and dearest allowed access, this will only make the day even more special – and exclusive. Plus, you can put all of your energy into the finer (aka more fun) details of the day rather than spending weeks and months agonising over who you should invite, and who should sit where. You’re welcome.


Say hello to creativity

As you wave a fond fare-well to that pesky guestlist, be prepared to open yourself up to a whole world of creativity in terms of how your day is going to look. Go for something fancy like bespoke table decor with high-end cutlery and napkins, or personalised wedding favours matched to your wedding colours. Or take it one step further and get a little crazy with your theme and ideal day. Scrap the cake and have a giant brownie. Want a magical unicorn fiasco? Go for it. And if that’s what you’re going for, we’ve even got you covered with our magical unicorn macarons, decorated with edible glitter sprinkles and hand painted sugar glitter horns. Divine.

Experiment with tradition - the possibilities are endless.

Choose your dream venue

And the possibilities don’t stop there. Having a smaller ceremony means you have full flexibility over where you do it. With no worries about capacity, you can pick your back yard, a local park, or even an isolated area further afield. A blank canvas if you will, ready for you to inject your magic.

Without the worry of transporting huge amounts of people, this is your chance to do something out of the ordinary and have the intimate setting you deserve – especially if your guests are willing to travel. Pick somewhere that has special meaning to you or holds a special memory. These are the details that make for a perfect wedding day, regardless of size.


Make your budget go further

The beauty of a micro-wedding most certainly comes with the budget. When you’re only catering for a small amount of people, your money instantly goes further, meaning you no longer have to skimp on what you want most. Stop compromising and say ‘yes to the dress’ (or suit) of your dreams. Hire that photographer who’s won multiple awards and would usually be wayyy out of your budget. And finally, opt for smaller, local businesses to provide for your day, and you’ll find that not only does your money go further, but you’ll also be supporting local businesses when they need you most.


It's all about you

The best part about having a smaller, more intimate wedding is that it’s a chance to really focus on you as a couple. What do you love and enjoy doing together? Incorporate these things into your day and have fun with it.

And remember, just because your numbers are restricted, this doesn’t mean the rest of your day has to be. So, go big, go bold, and plan a day you’ll never forget. We’re rooting for you!


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