How the French throw a hen party

How the French throw a hen party

When you think of a British hen party the image that quickly springs to mind is of a drunk bride in a tutu, stumbling through the streets of Blackpool, high heels in hand. 
But a hen party doesn’t have to be a debaucherous affair.  

It can be as low key as you like. And who better to educate on the understated than the French? Just take their weddings for example:  

●     The French don’t have bridesmaids, they have witnesses. 

●     The French don’t flaunt their diamonds on social media, they wear them discreetly on their finger: a symbol of love, not wealth. 

●     At a French wedding the bride is not the centre of attention, the day instead focuses on the bringing together of two families. 

●     And the hen do is about hanging out with your girlfriends, not getting lashed, abusing the stripper and getting thrown out of Wetherspoons for trying to pole dance on a bar stool.


So why not take inspiration from the epitome of class and do as the French do? Use their example as a guide when arranging your hen party plans.

Choose activities that don’t involve nudity or the excessive consumption of alcohol - pick something that everyone can join in with, this is a wedding after all, the joining together of families and friends. Here are three ideas to set you on your way to hen do bliss.  

1.    The hen detox.

Instead of going all out, why not go all in, by which we mean, go to a spa: swap the carbs for some kale and enjoy a massage. Or for those looking to retreat into their own homes, you can book a yoga experiencewhere practitioners come to your hen do location. After you’ve ohmed your morning away doing meditation, movement and relaxation, you can tuck into a healthy three-course feast. All of the food would be tasty, seasonal and organic and they can even sort out the drinks. Meals can be accompanied with organic bubbles, natural wine & cocktails. Namaste.

2.    Macaron making master class.

What is more French than macarons? Maybe eating them alongside a French Martini? We jest, kind of. Yes you will be eating macarons and drinking martinis in this superb master class, but the point is it’s inclusive, it’s suitable for any hen and it’s a low key affair, conducted in a private house. It’s just you, celebrating the nuptials of someone you love. 

3.    The Parisian one.

If you’re going to throw a hen do like the French, just go for it. Start the day with a chic French breakfast of almond croissants and strong coffee, with a side of champagne thrown in for good measure. Then get glammed up and head out as a group to indulge in a stylish activity: creating your own perfume for example. Follow this with an afternoon tea, somewhere suitably upmarket, and then head into the evening with cocktails and a theatre show. Simple, elegant, sophisticated. 

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