How to celebrate V-Day with everyone you love!

How to celebrate V-Day with everyone you love!

Have you thought about what you’re going to do for Valentine's Day this year? 

Yes, it’s that time of year again, when the shops are filled with big red hearts and soppy sentiments. It can be a bit over the top, but it’s only one day a year, and why wouldn’t you want to celebrate love with the ones you hold most dear!

For some people they only want to show their partner how much they love them, for others they want to celebrate with their work colleagues, and for others still, they like to get together with the whole family or their friends. 

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day - traditionally a day of roses, chocolates, champagne and (for some) over the top romanticism. But it doesn't have to be saccharine sweet, nor do you have to partake in any public displays of affection. 

A simple gift of a macaron will say all you need it to say, or an interactive macaron making workshop with the one you love, or the ones you work with who you adore, will also cut the mustard.

Because the best way to show them that you care is by thinking outside of the box. Who wants cookie cutter romance (read for yawn-fest), when you can show them how much you love them in a wholly non-traditional way? 

Yes, you can shower your significant other with cherubs and chocolates, or… you could get them a box of bespoke, heart-shaped, red-shelled macarons with chocolate filling (or your beloved’s favourite flavour, the choice is yours). Or join them at a hands on macaron making masterclass and make memories as well as tasty treats. 



Macaron making masterclass workshop

This is the beauty of Ohlala’s workshops, we really do have something for everyone - from macaron making workshops and vegan macaron workshops, but our macaron masterclasses aren’t just for hen parties and couples.  

We know how important company culture is to a great working environment - research shows time and again that workers who have friendships with coworkers not only perform better, but they’re happier in their jobs too.  

So why not show your work colleagues or clients a little love and appreciation this V-Day, and rather than doing the same tired team-building activities, instead bond over making macarons and martinis?  

Celebrating Valentine’s Day in the office

But what if you can’t leave the office to share the love? Then let the love come to you! 

Workplace friendships aren’t just about surviving the 9-5 together, they’re about working towards a common goal and having a shared purpose. The best workplace friendships are the ones where you’ve really let your guard down and gotten to know the people you work with. 

So liven up your workplace with some (work appropriate) passion and get everyone in a loving mood with these 5 ideas to show your colleagues you care.


1.Instead of casual-work clothes day, make it a red day.

Decorate the office with red decorations - hearts and balloons will do the trick. Or invite your colleagues to dress in red for the day. Maybe host a lunch where the food theme is ‘red’ (or order in some red macarons). You could hold a Secret Cupid gift exchange with a red theme, or only play songs over the loudspeakers with ‘red’ in the title. You get the idea.


2.Host a board games afternoon

Instead of playing Ludo or Scrabble, make your own version of Pictionary - with a Valentine’s theme. This also works well for charades.


3.Ask leadership to get involved.

You don’t have to go all out to share the love. Simply ask the CEO or someone in the leadership team to write a heartfelt note of gratitude to all employees. Maybe they could share any positive news from the last year or thank everyone for their hard work contributing towards a shared success.


4.Give out flowers, macarons or chocolates. 

See if there’s room in petty cash to splash out on a small token of gratitude for each employee. It doesn't have to be an expensive gift, a simple chocolate in a box, or a flower or even a macaron in a gift box with your company’s branding on it will work. 


5.Host a heart healthy lunch.

If you can’t be doing with all the love, then deal with your heart, literally. Organise a ‘working’ lunch whereby you invite a health professional to come to the office to talk about how to keep everyone's tickers on track. Combine it with a hearty healthy lunch spread and follow it up with a sports afternoon (weather permitting in a park), or book an indoor sports pitch for a few hours and host a softball tournament - think HR vs IT, or girls vs boys, or even C-suite vs Receptionists. 

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