How To Live Like Emily In Paris, In London

How To Live Like Emily In Paris, In London

If, like us, you’ve fallen head over heels in love with the hopelessly romantic Emily in Paris, the hit new TV show produced by none other than Darren Star, he of Sex and the City fame, and you’re wondering how to bring a little of Emily in Paris, to London, then wonder no more. 

Perhaps you see art galleries in your future? Or eating your fill of flaky, buttery pastries or pistachio macarons? Or walking beside a river with an impossibly good-looking beau? Well, we’ve got you covered. Here’s Oh La La’s guide to how to live like Emily in Paris, in London. 

C’est possible! 

À la mode

It’s all about fashion darling. And we don’t just mean Breton tops. While women in France are renowned for their elegant fashion choices, Emily goes bold, regularly, with her hats. If you want to express your inner Emily, you have to wear outrageous hats for absolutely no reason other than you adore a good hat. 

One of Emily’s favourites is the epitome of French headwear - the beret. This is hands down a faux pas in France, but that doesn’t stop our heroine from donning one, every change she gets. The best bit? Because she’s not actually French, she gets away with it. And you can too.

Cheveux et maquillage

Just because you’re living the London lockdown look, doesn’t mean you can’t emulate Emily’s super cute, near-perfect, bouncy hair. She effortlessly nails curls and texture in a way the rest of us mere mortals can only dream of. Work your hair into carefree waves with a few light spritzes of sea salt spray before winding strands around your GHDs. Alternatively, twist damp hair into a bun before bed and tease the curls loose the next day. 

Enjoy your beautiful coiffure with croissants and coffee (or weetabix and tea, whichever appeals/is available).

Dans le jardin

If you’re a stranger in a new city, the first thing you’ll need, much like Emily, is a posse of girlfriends to rely on. Virtually for now, that is, until BoJo lifts lockdown and we can meet actual people again. And hug them. 

For now, though, meeting up with your girlfriends on zoom will have to suffice. Make sure you have a martini or three to hand, and be prepared to listen to everyone’s hopes and fears, problems and wins. 

If you prefer in-person get togethers, opt for a socially-distanced bench lunch in one of London's gorgeous green spaces. One of our favourite outdoor spots is Bloomsbury. Pack a flask and a box of award-winning macarons and head outdoors for a spot of fresh air and some socially distanced socialising.

Find some beau eye candy

What is a better balm for the soul, the perfect antidote to dreary locked-in days, than an accidental run in with your dreamy downstairs neighbour?

You have two options:

  1. You can either hang around in the stairwell and wait for the opportunity to flirt outrageously with your painfully handsome neighbour, or,

  2. If there’s a lack of lovelies in your building, join an online dating app that puts you in the driving seat, something suitably feminist like Bumble should do the trick.

Visit Londres

For days out in the fresh air, making the most of not being stuck at home, live like a tourist in your own city and go on a whirlwind tour of some of London’s most iconic sites. 

  • Watch the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace - few can resist a man in uniform... 

  • Visit the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London and imagine yourself draped in some of the most exquisite gems this world has to offer. 

  • Take a trip along the River Thames and gaze in wonder at the Houses of Parliament or set your watch to Big Ben. 

  • Head over to the V&A for some fabulous fashion through the ages. 

  • When you’re done with the culture and ready to take a stroll through a heavenly green space, wander through Hyde Park, London’s largest park.

Don’t forget to pucker up and take countless selfies at each spot.

Eat macarons - Oh La La

Finally, when in Rome (or Paris in Emily’s case, or London for you), you can’t possibly channel your inner Emily without eating your body weight in delicious French fancies. By which we mean, Oh La La Macarons. 

You can eat them anywhere. Experience the celestial spirits with these galactic macarons with a touch of gold at an art gallery. Or take our kaleidoscopic rainbow splash macarons or macaroons into the garden for a colourful al fresco afternoon. Or our personal favourite - simply enjoy them while watching a new episode of Emily in Paris


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