I'll take tea with that!

I'll take tea with that!

When you think of a quintessential pairing for macarons, martinis might be the first thing that springs to mind. But they aren’t the only liquid accompaniment for Ohlala’s scrumptious macarons. 

We’ve poured our heart and soul into creating our mouthwateringly crispy shelled, melt in your mouth macarons and we want to make sure that when you enjoy them, you get more than just a taste sensation. So we’ve elevated your macaron experience, by pairing it with tea.

We are thrilled to be able to offer you these gorgeous gift boxes, replete with our divine macarons and brought to you in combination with a tea partner who more than shares our passion for the delicious things in life - Quinteassential

Quinteassential is a beautiful British lifestyle luxury brand that showcases cuisine, culture and care.

As a small brand ourselves, we like to champion other small businesses, and as soon as you try our products in tandem, you’ll know why we chose to create this unique partnership. Sharing more than just values and flavour notes, Quinteassential and Ohlala are afternoon tea. 

Tea doyenne Bernadine Tay is the creator extraordinaire behind Quinteassential’s unique blends. She’s a trained tea sommelier, a tea judge and a founding member of the European Tea Society. What Bernadine doesn’t know about tea, isn’t worth knowing. 

And she knows that her teas pair perfectly with Ohlala’s macarons, creating an afternoon tea experience like no other. 

Ohlala and Quinteassential have found the perfect beverage companion for your macarons. In this resplendent gift box you’ll discover we’ve matched the flavours of our sweet macarons with Quinteassential’s signature blend teas beautifully, ensuring they complement one another harmoniously. 

We are pleased to offer you two options of tea in your gift box - a caffeinated and decaffeinated variation.

“The need to escape the hardships of life and reset, even for a moment has never been more important. Stress and anxiety is an epidemic of the 21st century and the precursor to many illnesses.” Bernadine Tay, founder Quinteassential

So go on, treat yourself or a loved one and take time out for a spot of self-indulgence. A cup of Quinteassential tea and a selection of Ohlala macarons will provide you the perfect respite in an otherwise chaotic day.

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