How to throw the ultimate afternoon tea party

How to throw the ultimate afternoon tea party

For those of you not in the know, 8th-14th August is Afternoon Tea Week. That’s a whole seven days to celebrate that glorious tradition that we Brits hold so dear to our heart (even if we don’t always have time to indulge).

If you want to get in on the Afternoon Tea Week action, it’s the perfect time to host your very own epic afternoon tea. Here’s how to make it happen.

Get fancy with your tea


For many of us in Britain, tea is about a mug of builder’s brew, ideally with a biscuit on the side. But if you want to throw a proper afternoon tea, it’s time to get a bit fancy with the tea leaves.

Good quality tea is something else. It’s delicate, it’s concentrated and yet smooth with none of those rough tannins (molecules that dry out your mouth) found in a regular cuppa. It’s a completely different drink entirely.

We’ve got you covered here. Oh La La! Macarons have four specialty teas on offer, each one designed to pair perfectly with our limited edition afternoon tea macarons.


Get creative with your savoury options

The traditionalist may favour a cucumber sandwich, but we suggest getting a little bit more adventurous with your savoury finger foods. How about smoked salmon, cream cheese, chive and lemon on top of a slice of cucumber for a twist on that old favourite?

Or you could bring in a Spanish influence with the “bikini” - a famous ham and cheese toastie from Barcelona. Choose unusual cheese and ham combos like comte and prosciutto and jazz it up with some tomato jam. Use a seeded bread, stick it in your toastie maker, slice into fingers and watch as everyone goes bonkers.

Finally, you could cut puff pastry into squares and top with cherry tomatoes and asparagus or beetroot, stilton and walnuts. Stick them in the oven until crisp.

Savouries at an afternoon tea are only limited by your imagination.

Bring out the macarons!

Afternoon Tea Special: Deluxe Macarons With Paired Teas Box Set

Of course, macarons are our go-to choice at an afternoon tea party. To celebrate afternoon tea week, Oh La La! Macarons have developed some brand new, rather inventive flavours. How about award winning strawberry and white chocolate in the shape of ham and lettuce sandwiches? Or matcha tea, vanilla with 24 carat gold leaf or even lavender and blueberry?

All come gorgeously packaged and ready to be set out on your best cake stand.

A twist on scones

It would be almost sacriligious to have an afternoon tea party without the scones. The non-negotiables? Homemade jam. Clotted cream. Delightfully fluffy and fresh scones. Whether you jam or cream yours first is up to you.

For a twist, try mixing your clotted cream with lemon and lime zest paired with homemade bramble jelly.

Don’t forget the drinks

Prosecco is a great go-to for afternoon tea as the sweetness of the wine pairs nicely with the sweetness of the scones (and macarons).

Or you could try a refreshing cucumber and mint gimlet. Muddle cucumber and mint leaves in a cocktail shaker. Add ice then for each person, the juice of one lime, around two teaspoons of simple syrup and a shot (or two) of gin. Shake, strain, enjoy.

Find the perfect company and venue and enjoy yourself!

That could be friends, family or a mix of both. You could hold your event in your house, garden or even your local park.

Wherever you are and whoever you choose to enjoy it with, you’ll be an afternoon tea party master after following our tips.

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