Movies, Macarons and Magic

Movies, Macarons and Magic

Macarons in the Movies 'The Great Gatsby'

Delicious, dainty, beautiful to look at and light as a feather, macarons are truly the greatest patisserie creation there ever was. As the more sophisticated cousin of the cupcake, macarons provide endless pleasure with an abundance of colours, flavours and arrangements to play with.

And we’re not the only ones who are bewitched by the macaron magic. Come with us on a star-studded journey through a glamorous world to discover just how much love there is for the mighty macaron.

Macarons in the Movies

We all know how much Leonardo DiCaprio loves to surround himself with beautiful people but this superstar actor is also a big fan of the macaron. After all, who could forget the afternoon tea scene in The Great Gatsby? Clad in a crisp, elegant white suit, DiCaprio’s Gatsby sits surrounded by white floral arrangements beside a great stack of pastel macarons in lime green, sunshine yellow and soft pink.

But The Great Gatsby is certainly not the first film that featured macarons in its line-up. Back in 2006, director Sofia Coppola – she of Lost in Translation fame – included veritable pyramids of macarons in her historical epic Marie Antoinette. These pastel-hued beauties were designed to complement the colourful ensembles of the queen and her courtiers, decorating the palace of Versailles in all its glory.

Gossip Girl Macarons Bath

All the Gossip

Stylish and charming, macarons have not only made it in Hollywood. These beauties have also made a name for themselves on the small screen. In fact, macarons featured so frequently in hit series Gossip Girl that it’s almost outrageous they didn’t have their own credits. Who could forget when Blair has had her heart broken by Chuck for the umpteenth time and soaked away her miseries in a bubble bath whilst munching macarons?

It’s no coincidence that macarons played a starring role in a show like Gossip Girl that is renowned for trendsetting. Macarons are the best friend that everyone wants to have with an effortless sophistication, style and charm. It’s all pretty impressive for a sweet treat that started life in the Middle Ages and whose shape led it to be coined “the priest’s bellybuttons”.

Macaron Magic

Now, everyone wants a mouthful of the macaron action. Lady Gaga is a self-confessed fan and Pharrell, the coolest dude on the block, has collaborated with our friends at Ladurée to release two limited-edition macaron flavours. Even the queen of TV that is Oprah Winfrey has endorsed the macaron with great gusto.

pharell macarons.jpg

Perhaps these superstar fans should head down to St Regis Bal Harbour Resort in Florida. This swanky hotel has pioneered the world’s most expensive macaron. Made with white tea, decorated with edible gold leaf and set within a sugar crystal cushion inside a keepsake crystal box, it is priced at just shy of $10,000. That does include an overnight stay for up to eight guests, but that’s still pretty lively!

If all this macaron madness is getting you excited, then make sure to join us on the official Macaron Day celebrations on March 20. But if you simply can’t wait that long, you can always take part in an Ohlala macaron masterclass or buy a delicious selection of these little wonders from our online shop.

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