How to show you care - Remotely

How to show you care - Remotely

It’s during times like these that we reveal our true nature. And the fundamental nature for most of us is to be kind, to show compassion and to love each other. 


Just look at the last two Thursday nights for example - our entire nation, from Land’s End to John O’Groats have come together (well, 2m apart) to give our frontline workers, those heros and heroines of the NHS, key workers, shelf stackers, checkout people, delivery drivers and emergency workers (to name but a few) a round of applause. 

And we have so much love to give. But in these trying times, demonstrating this love can be hard. Feeling loved and cared for isn’t always about what you receive, but about what you give. At times like this, it’s not about what others can do for you, but what you can do for others. 

How to be present when you’re absent

Being truly present with someone is one of the best ways you can show them you care. To devote your time and attention to another person, to listen and support them. But what happens when you can’t physically be with someone? 

What else can you do, besides clapping once a week, to show your loved ones, your friends and family, your colleagues or neighbours, just how much you care about them? When popping round to your friend’s house for a natter and a cup of tea is no longer feasible. When Grandma can’t come over for a quick cuddle with the grandchildren for the foreseeable future. 

Showing someone that you’re thinking of them, that you care for them, is a lot harder to do now than it was a mere month ago.

Give a gift

Which means receiving a gift right now means infinitely more than it did a month ago. 

While a lot of business owners are worried about how their businesses are going to weather this global storm, some of those that are doing well are the ones with love at their core. Businesses that deal in kindness and compassion, businesses capable of conveying emotion such as florists, build your own care package companies or online wine merchants for example. 

So if you’re wondering how to show your loved ones that you care, despite the distance, remember that actions speak louder than words. Why not consider these actions? 

●      Send a box of isolation macarons. The cute and colourful images in this blog post are just some of the artwork you can choose from to adorn the top of a box of macarons, to send to someone you care about. It’s so easy to give the gift of macarons: simply select the box of macarons that tickles your fancy - we have lots of different designs to choose from (including these isolation macarons), from vegan macarons to unicorn macarons

●      Give a great book. Why send flowers when you can send a box of goodies? More specifically, a box of treats containing a specially selected book for the recipient, as well as a few other thoughtful inclusions. 

●      Take out a subscription. For those loved ones who you know are going to need to be kept entertained on a regular basis, why not set them up with a subscription gift? From a monthly flower delivery through their letter box, to a regular supply of socksorganic wine delivered direct to their front door, even craft gin can be sent through the post. Whatever direction the recipient’s preferences lie, there is a subscription out there with their name on. 

●      Write a letter. The ancient art of letter writing is dying out. We live in an age of instant communications where it’s all too easy to send a text or a tweet. But why not take ten minutes out of your day to put pen to paper and write a thoughtful letter. Tell the recipient how much they mean to you, why you’re grateful to have them in your life, or outline potential plans for how you can spend more time together when lockdown is over. 

●      Listen to them. When did you last listen to someone speak. Not just nod sagely while wondering what you’re having for dinner, but actively listen? Because we don’t always need someone to give advice or to offer us guidance, sometimes (more often than not), we just want to rant about the injustice of whatever is annoying us. And you don’t have to have words of wisdom to show someone you care, sometimes all it takes is a virtual shoulder to lean on and to just listen.

Showing those you love that you care about them, while social distancing, can be challenging, but it’s not impossible.  

Even if you only have time to send a quick text saying ‘thinking of you’, it’s better than nothing. Because the best and easiest way to show someone you care, is to be there for them. And send macarons, that works too


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